30 September 2007

My Sunday Blessing - Books

It's been ages since I've posted for blog your blessings Sunday, sorry about that I have been very busy with the other things I do on the internet.

This week I want to talk about books, I've always loved books from the picture books I had when I was a young child unable to read to the books without any (or very few) pictures I read now. Reading helps me relax and helps me to keep using my imagination bringing the characters to life in my mind. Many times I've stayed up till the early hours finishing a good book, saying to myself "I'll go to sleep after the next chapter" but reading on just the same. It's a great way to escape boredom or sadness and a good book can make you laugh and cry. Let's hope the internet and films never make us forget the tradition of sitting down with a good book and just reading.

I've just finished a couple of good books "The Hog Father" By Terry Pratchett and "The Death And Life Of Charlie Mccloud" byBen Sherwood so I will writing some more book reviews for you soon too Thanks for reading.


MsDemmie said...

Welcome back to BYB Sunday :)

Books are one of the greatest blessings we have.

I am starting to read a lot of Terry Pratchett too.

Sandy Carlson said...

Yes, welcome back to BYB Sunday!

Books are a great blessing. I've come to appreciate the simple beauty of children's books and to expect the same beauty and simplicity on an adult level. Not always easy, though Elizabeth Bowen does an amazing job!

God bless.

Paulie said...

I agree that books are a blessing to all. As a former teacher, i used to tell the parents that if they could do nothing else with their child daily, they should read a good story to them.

My blessing is posted to.