22 September 2007

Deo's shadow - Pagan podcast

Just wanted to share this podcast with everyone as it's quite good, I first heard it on the Pagan Radio network you can listen to it from their website too click the post title to find it as well as the other ones (they are up to 7) they have a herb segment and a tarot segment as well as a crystal segment. Well worth a listen once a week if you are interested Pagan subjects.

Sorry the blog has been neglected I'm very busy with Yuwie and mylot at the moment, if you are using either of these sites and would like to add me leave a comment and I'll do it gladly. I have some posts lined up when I get a spare moment I promise.


Blue Panther said...


Hope you are doing well! visiting for BYB sunday! Have a great week ahead!

CyberCelt said...

Just stopping by for BYB Sunday. Have a great week.