3 April 2007

1k Tuesday.

Pay per post have just announced that every Tuesday they are going to post an opportunity worth $1000, which sure sounds good to me if my blog qualifies for them. I’m very happy with pay per post at the moment as I have just received my first payment from them and another two are due any day now so I can confirm they really do pay. I can’t wait to see what the topic of the first 1k post will be and if it’s something I want to write about, as I refuse to sell out this blog and am working on setting up one of my other blogs to also be a pay per post blog so I don’t have to compromise this blogs topic any further.
I have to do six more paid posts on this blog before I can submit another according to pay per posts terms so that will give me some time to improve my other blogs google rank etc so look out for a future post with a link to it.
Pay per post are not letting on when the first 1k post will be released so we’ll just have to wait to see what it will be with baited breath it seems.


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