26 March 2007

How much have I made from pay per post?

I’ve done two posts for pay per post so far (not including this one that I will recieve ten dollars for) and I’ve made fifteen dollars, it’s quite hard to find subjects they offer that fit with my blogs theme that’s the only reason I haven’t done more. There are plenty of oppurtunities if you don’t mind what you write about and the pay is very generous for what you have to do all the posts I’ve written so far have only had to be two hundred words long, and one required me to post some pictures. The payment system seems quite straight forward though it’s taking a long time for the money to actually be paid to me, though I now know my posts have been approved at least so the guaranteed. It’s a far faster way to make money than waiting for the ads to pay out I’m sure.

It’s a great way to make money out of blogging if like me you aren’t doing too well from showing ads and you’re guaranteed something as long as your posts meet the requirements, I haven’t had post rejected yet so it’s not hard to do that just read carefully before you take the opportunity and make sure you do what is required.

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