14 February 2007

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers, sorry I missed the Sunday Blessing I'll do an extra good one this week :).

Betty Boop Graphic courtesy of Anne's Place, some lovely Valentines graphics over there.

Here are some Pagan facts about valentines day (yes it was also taken from the Pagans).

*It's dedicated to the Norse Deity Vali, the Norse god Odin, and Juano Februa Goddess of maternal and married love.

*It Begins at Sunset on the 13th of February

*If girls decorate their pillows with 5 Bay Leaves they will dream about their lover and husband to be.

*In England an arch of brambles is carried to banish unwelcome spirits. (Not that I've ever seen anyone doing that I must say.

*In Scandinavia they run labyrinths on Valentines day apparently

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Ariel said...

Pray tell, where do I find bay leaves at 20:35 in a small English town located in the armpit of the planet?!