7 January 2007

My Sunday Blessing- My New Washer Dryer

My new washer dryer was a Christmas present from my father, I'm using it for the first time today though it arrived on the third. I am poor as a church mouse you see and had to wait for some money to buy washing powder and enough electricity in the meter to run it. As they say in the Guinness advert good things come to those who wait so I waited patiently and sure enough some money came.

It's the first washing machine I've ever called my own and I've always relied on launderettes and other peoples machines until now, so this really is blessing to me. As you can see it has futuristic looking flashing lights, and it's also quite quiet which you'll have to take my word for. It just about fits into the corner next to the cooker so there's no longer a huge washing machine shaped gap to fill in my Kitchen.


msdemmie said...

Never understimate the power of the washing machine ....... it is a blessing indeed.

Bluepanther said...

Happy BYB sunday and have a great wek ahead!

CyberCelt said...

I love the front loading washing machines. I had a washer and dryer that was my mothers and was almost as old as I was. I finally sprang for the new ones on the 12 months same as cash. They were expensive, but worth it.

I have found that my water and electricity bill went down because it is so much more efficient.

May your 2007 be prosperous.

Stopped by for BYB Sunday and you never disappoint!

stev said...

mmm... it does look high tech indeed

now maybe i should go (re)learn how to use a washing machine...