3 January 2007

Magical Herb/Plant Of The Week - Fern

Ferns have many magical uses, when included in vases of flowers or planted on the doorstep they give the house protection. I have one in a pot in my living room of the same variety pictured called The Boston fern apparently one of the most popular houseplant varieties, it doesn't look as impressive as the one pictured however :).

If carried or worn then it will guide carrier to treasure and the seed is also carried for invisibility. It is also said that if you break the first frond of the spring from a fern you will have good luck, and if you bite it you will be protected from toothache for the rest of the year. If you drink Fern Sap you can obtain eternal youth apparently, and if you are standing in a place surrounded by ferns at midnight precisely Puck (pictured to the left) will come and give you a purse of Gold.

Throwing dried fern leaves on a fire exorcises evil spirits, and burning ferns outside causes it to rain. I remember when I re-potted my fern a hail storm started while I was outside doing it, and I was a bit spooked when I read about it in a book later.

there's an interesting page on the Fern in Wikipedia, I didn't know there were so many varieties, the study of the Fern is apparently called pteridology and a person who studies ferns is called a pteridologist.

Sources- "Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" (reviewed below) and wikipedia.


Rashenbo said...

Blog mad dropped me off on your site and I thought I'd just say hi. Looks like you have some interesting posts... take care! :)

david said...

Always interesting!

Changingdaze said...

what about fern brittan? does she give protection?

ps: i put a link for you on my blog.

9000 said...

You can get cyanide from ferns. There ye go.

Guinchogirl said...

Fascinating, I never knew ferns were so interesting :)