19 June 2006

Video Footage of Sandy Denny!

Sandy Denny


I've found video footage of Sandy Denny, yes it's true feast your eyes! let it fully load before you watch it for maximum enjoyment. She does North Star Grassman, Crazy Lady Blues, and Late November, A few glitches but it's video footage of Sandy Denny!

There's a great site here telling you where to buy her biography and the song book, as well as a Bio and gallery amongst other things.

Click on the Rainbow squid below to see my squidoo lens featuring my top 10 Sandy Denny songs.
Top 10 Sandy Denny Songs


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
This footage is better than the stuff they showed in the new Denny documentary (which I didn't like). I am trying to locate a copy of the bio "No More Sad Refrains" and it is totally out of print. Would you know anyone who has a copy they might want to sell? Used is ok. Thanks - nice website.


Nancyrowina said...

You can still get it on Amazon, though many people say he doesn't tell the story very well and is unfair to Trevor Lucas (her long term boy friend and later husband)

I've added the link to my article :)