26 May 2006

The Surreal Seal Campaign.

Whilst searching for surreal stuff to put in the DaDaist section my Bonzo's Message board I stumbled across a site dedicated to encouraging further debate and research into long necked seals. This unusual type of seal is called a pinniped apparently, and is something like the Loch Ness monster in the mystery that surrounds it. The man who organised this site says he wanted to start a discussion group I wonder if he ever did. There haven't been many sightings recently by all accounts and apparently the theory has become unpopular, because it would have to go to land to give birth, and would have probably been discovered by now. However there hasn't been any research carried out, or extensive surveys to see if there have been any sightings. This is an interesting site well worth a look particularly if you're a marine biologist. If he get's contacted by a few people maybe he'll update the site again. gazoo


Mark said...

You didn't leave a link to the long necked seal site!

Mark said...

Doh, so it is.... Silly me!

Waterfall said...

Hi, I just now noticed your comment on my blog. Are you still playing piano?