28 March 2006

Garth Marenghi's Dark Place.

Sorry for my long abscence, I haven't moved my computer to my new place yet and won't have broadband for a while when I do move it this is my last week online.

It's not very Pagan but another of interests is comedy and I wanted to make a post about one of my favourite comedy series's. It hasn't got the recognition it deserves it was only shown once on channel 4 several years ago.

It was a spoof 80's horror show set in a hospital built on hell gates, staffed by Dr Rick Dagless played by writer actor and director Garth Mereneghi (Matthew Hollness) , Doctor Lucien Sanchez, played by Tod Rivers ( Matt Berry) and Dr Liz Asher played by Madeleine Wool (Alice Lowe). There Boss Is Thornton Reed Played by Dean Learner (Richard Ayoade).

The sets are terrible and so is the acting, made all the funnier by interviews with the cast who think it's genius. All except Madeleine Wool who is missing presumed dead. You can read all about it here there's an extensive fan site with a forum. You can watch the first episode here, if you really like it you can download the whole series here (in torrent form). It's coming out on DVD later this year and there is a movie planned. So be sure to go and see the movie and buy the DVD, the more DVD's sell the more likely there is to be a second series.


alwayscrashing said...

Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade are great. Did you see AD/BC: A Rock Opera?

Plus they've both been in the Mighty Boosh and Ayode was in Nathan Barley...

Definately some of the best comedy talents to emerge so far this decade.

Andy said...

A 'hospital built on hell gates'? I wonder if Joss Whedon was inspired by this to some extent when he wrote Buffy... Depends if this came out before or after the original Buffy film.

As for not being very pagan, heck... We are more than our spirituality, or rather, our spirituality informs who we are. I sometimes worry that the majority of my blog posts aren't directly pagan-related but then I think, I wrote them, so they are! x

il mazza said...

ciaoo from italy

Daniel said...

"I had a cat once, I dropped a sofa on it, it was a write-off, so I stood on it's 'ead."

What a great show GM was