26 February 2006

Lavender and Wisteria.

I don't even have the key to my new place yet which is annoying since I've fully paid up the deposit etc. I ordered some lavender seeds from ebay and planted them the other day when they arrived for my new garden. As soon as anything happens I'll post pictures, though they are supposed to be quite hard to get right so wish me luck.

There's a huge wisteria plant that was swamping the front of the place that I've had to cut back. After doing this I found it had wrapped itself all round the TV aerial cable, so I'm going to need a ladder to unwrap it.

I want try growing some more herbs including catnip chamomile and Rosemary I'll keep you informed on how I do.

I've also recenly started a course in "witchology" and have been learning about some greek witches, so I make a post about them soon.


raven said...

I'm going to try growing some of my own herbs this summer too, but I don't know which ones I'll pick yet. Where did you find the course you're taking? I'm interested in witchcraft courses but can't seem to find any near me.

Shane said...

ah the smell of lavender

Dirty Butter said...

Glad to hear your absence has been due to moving. Good luck with your new place, and have fun with your herb garden.

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