20 January 2006

Imbolc-February the 1st/2nd

The festival belongs to the Goddess Brigid known for her love of animals, the name imbloc refers to the lactation of ewe a’s, which brings life and heralds the coming of spring and new life. It is a time of purification so clean your house and burn any greenery left over from Yule. The post title is a link to a lovely ritual for this time of year.

It i’s also good to leave an offering of buttered bread and milk for brigid and her cow who are said to walk through the neighborhood on that night on the doorstep or window sill. You can also leave a silk ribbon for her to bless, which can later be used for healing purposes, and light acandle in very room of your house to represent the rebirth of light.

I'll post more about suitable activities for this time of year including the tradition of making straw dolls and placing them in a small basket called a brides bed, you can also use a doll that's been dressed especially for the occasion. If anyone knows of a site with directions for making your own please leave me a comment.

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Spicy Cauldron said...

See my blog for some blogger news about Imbolc - a fab online non-speaking poetry-fest in honour of Brigid! The idea was passed on to me, I think it's a good one and feel free to nab it and pass it along... x