20 January 2006

I'm Back!

finally got the computer working again, I've lost all my images sadly, but kept all my music and photo's wich is a relief.

I also can't access my old email adress anymore so am using my Yahoo one, which is nancyrowina@yahoo.co.uk .

I'll catch up on the Britblog backlog as soon as mark responds to my email, sorry for the delay in getting blogs reviewed.

The next pagan holiday to celebrate is imbolc, so I'll write something about that later.


The Virtual Ranger said...

Welcome back! May all your future downtime be easily rebootable.

Mark said...

Glad you're back Nancy - I've missed you!

Spicy Cauldron said...

Welcome back, Nancy. The pagan-creative list is quieter than the grave. Maybe everyone's blogging! Btw, you might want to change your email address from how you currently list it as 'web spiders' - robots - trawl the net and cull email addresses so they can send you spam. You can get round them by doing this:


Love & blessings to you! x