15 December 2005

Welcome New Readers

I've added the site to few Pagan link pages updated various bits of the site and added new links so hopefully there will soon be new readers, welcome if you are one.

A few days ago I posted a link to a free download of an ebook "The little book of Witchcraft" Here it is again just click these words. You'll need adobe acrobat reader to open it.

If anyone has any suggestions for more links I can add or places to post my link please let me know in a comment.

1 comment:

MarkM said...

Hi Nancy. I am webmaster of Goddess Knotwork and I also have a "traffic-building minihub" for this kind of topic: Magickal Mystery Tour in which you should find some useful resources. You might also find Goddess Knotwork's "Wheel of Karma" userful too.

I found you via your red banner with the two pentacles on it. :)

Bright Blessings. -MarkM-