5 December 2005

My Besom

Here's a picture of my besom, it is still unfinished there are more twigs to be tied to it.

I use it to protect and cleanse my house (symbolically) it has an unusually long handle as this is the only one that came to hand. I will make a smaller one when I find a handle of the correct length, though this one is working very well for now.

Here is an interesting page telling all about brooms, they are used for many things, ideal for sweeping leaves off the lawn without damaging it. Also used after pagan weddings (the couple jump over the broom) but they are mainly used for dispelling negative energy and for protection.

Every house should have one. G-A-Z-O-O


WendyWings said...

Just thought you should know someone left their comment for you back on my page LOL she said she was having problems with posting it here.
So maybe you can post again and someone else will swing by.

I directed myself here today
BTW my dog is called Gizmo !!

Nancyrowina said...

Have to test the comments function is still working.

Anonymous said...

sad looking broom