7 December 2005

The Chocolate Tasting Club November Selection Review

The Chocolate tasting club November Selection arrived this week to my delight, well packaged as usual and containing the usual menu score card and Chocolate news letter. Their Christmas Catalogue is wonderful, I will order a few things and review them if I can afford it.

This months selection included fudge which is unusual though it was chocolate covered and called "Ariba Fudge by Hachez Feodora" only made with premium ingredients including madagascan vanilla and arriba cocoa from Ecuador. It was lovely delicately wrapped in foil and paper, melting easily in the mouth and not over sweetened.

The Competition winner “Sexy Almonds by Sonia Meaden and Ickkx” was one of my favorites, the center was beautiful and the almonds in the sprinkled on top (inside the Chocolate) enhanced it perfectly.

My second favorite had to be "Feuilletine by Delice" the crispiness of the small pieces of crepes dentelles in the soft center was wonderful, and I love Hazelnuts so it was just perfect.

And of the truffles The Dark Jamaican Truffle by Coppeneur‚” was the best this month, truly warming on the cold November evenings, I gave it 10 out of 10.


abdul said...

I don't know how you can sit down and review chocolates. Taking in their tastes and features etc ... just scoff them down. Who cares. :p

Someone Anonymous said...

I want to review chocolates! Mmmmmm chocolate.

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate Tasting Club have just started a new Facebook group.

I Love the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=53382586064

If you are on Facebook, it would be great if you would join and share your views and experiences.