25 November 2005

BBC NEWS | Health | Dolphin therapy fights depression

Swimming with Dolphins really benefits people who suffer from depression a new study has found, but I can't see the NHS adopting that one too quickly. I'm not even sure if you can swim with Dolphins in this country, though I have just found a great link to the Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society that gives a lot of information about dolphins. There's even an article about dolphin petting pools being harmful to dolphins in The US called "Biting the hand that feeds it the case against Dolphin petting pools".

So in conclusion maybe it isn't a good idea to let depressed people swim around with Dolphins after all, as they are such highly intelligent and sensitive animals.

Above image courtesy of google images.


disgruntled_wogbeast said...

Hey Nancy!
thanks for the link to britblog.com, ive signed up with them, hopefully Ill get some traffic from it.
Its nice to see another British frank zappa fan too.
take it easy

instantloser said...

i love how dolphins are always smiling.
seeing that picture of them just now made me happy; maybe depressed people should just look at dolphins rather than get too close lest the mammals pick up any negative human vibes.
thank you for stopping by my site! come back any time :-)