18 September 2005

"Other Peoples Marriages, By Shane Watson." Review.

A good story about a British writer called Anna who's writing a book about how to maintain a successful marriage, using her friends as case studies. Though she is not married herself, in fact she's trying to get over an ex who ran off and left her in the lurch, by having a rebound relationship with some artsy vegan bloke. He is so perfect he makes all her friends husbands feel ashamed, as all the women wish their husbands were like him.
All of the marriage's she's studying for her book on the perfect marriage are flawed you find out as the plot unfolds, and the twist at the end is quite shocking, worth a read! I don't normally like books from this Genre, but this one really is different, not predictable, if you liked "Coupling" the British TV series, you'll probably like this, though it is a bit darker.

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