18 September 2005

Changes To The Blog.

I decided to delete the Blog Map, as it was cluttering the side bar and didn't seem to be bringing in any visitors. I've finally started a blogroll as there are a few blogs I'm a fan of, they are listed under my google ads in the side bar. All my web ring buttons have been moved to the bottom of the blog below the random surrealism generator.
I've also decided to start doing book reviews, as I read quite a lot, the first two are below, I hope you enjoy them. I'm currently reading "The Real Frank Zappa Book" Frank Zappa's autobiography, so look out for my review of that.
There's been problems with the shout box all day their server must be down or something, hopefully it will be back up tomorrow.
Finally, for anyone who's wondering what's happening about my move, I have got the new place, it's being done up before I move in, I will be moving in about 8 weeks.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Do all your blog pinging at one place.


fill in your blog name and address and then choose general, then submit.

I can't wait for the Zappa review