2 May 2005

Summer Is Here

It's beautiful day, though sadly I can't go out until I have sunblock, or I'll burn like a lobster, it's still a relief to see the sun though. Just joined another directory, at "The Blog Resource" they look like a good site, worth joining, 150 blogs already. I have a link box thingy to them in my sidebar. I've also just joined "Blog Soldiers" they really need some people surfing right now, I'm just getting the traffic soldiers blog over and over again.
Thanks to everyone who's been commenting, I try to respond to them all, it's nice to know people are reading.
My doll blog has got some attention recently, turns out I have some rare cornish shallowpool dolls I inherited from my mother. They are gradually being included in the only website dedicated to the dolls.
The bank holiday has been boring for me so far, hopefully the evening will more interesting, I need to try and write a story again I think, I'll never get anywhere if I don't even try after all. There's a summer course at the Isle Of Wight college on screenwriting, my dad will pay for it for me, that will get me going again I'm sure.
I did a lot of gardening for my dad yesterday, I've grown loads of seeds for him, loads of dwarf sunflowers and natsurnums. I've also planted loads of wildflower seeds that will attract butterflies and other insects, his garden will look great. He's had it all planted up, with a hedgerow against one fence. I'll take some photo's around june when it's at it's peak.
I'm just watching "Crocodile Dundee 2" on the telly, the traditional crap film on a British bank holiday afternoon, at least this ones funny, and the one where the guys going to jump and off a building, and he walks round the corner. You can always tell what decade these films were made in were made in by the music. I should go now and do something directly productive, and watch the rest of the film.

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GemsOfKnowledge said...

Do your cornish shallowpool dolls like Cornish Pasties?

All the best with the screenwriting course, I feel that you have the talent.