8 May 2005

Been Busy.

I've mentioned before I'm not working at the moment, so I've been trying to earn some money on the net, looks like I'm finally getting somewhere I've joined the 1.7 million dollar plan, and am going to pool all my PTR earnings into it. I've joined Studio Traffic and 4 daily, I'm finding 4 daily the best so far. It's frustrating I can't even come up with the small amounts of money needed to upgrade a bit in all these programmes, but I'm getting there slowly. If you want to help you can click here, and let the pages load fully, it will help me to earn some money , you can click every day if you want. Thanks to everyone who clicks in advance, every little helps.

I've also given my flat a good spring clean, we made a nice curry last night, half of that's in the freezer, and there's a big piece of boiling bacon for dinner today. I've also recently joined "my space" and started using my blog there, yet another one to maintain! This will remain my main blog though, that blog will be for my hobbies and the groups I've joined over there.

The weather here has gone all dark all stormy again for some reason, but that's British weather for you. There's also been an election over here, Blair got back in, I'd voted liberal Democrat, but wasn't too disappointed, as labour have lost their majority.


Jamuna said...

i clicked the 2 links... the 2nd one seems to be fine. the page that comes up on clicking the 1st link shows an error... nancythroughthelookingglass.blogspot.com is not an approved site to display the Paid To Promote page laisteslinks.com...u better check it

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