13 April 2005

Nearly A Year Since I Started This Blog.

Keeping this blog over the past year (nearly a year, I think I started it about June Or July, I'll check) has shown me how much I've improved over that time. So at least it's been usefull for something up until now!
I've tried to make it more outgoing and less just a private journal about my personal life, but for anyone who's followed it for some time, you'll have seen me write about Christian. I went round his house the other day and gave him his CD, he invited me in and I sat round there smoking with him for a few hours. Turns out he's going to have a kid to some bird up north! He's not with her, it was a casual relationship, but he is happy about having a kid. So he's OK, I don't have to worry about him anymore, and at least I got to talk to him again. He still seems to fancy me, though he says he's never going to have sex again, which I find hard to believe. If I'd wanted too I probably could have slept with him, but I didn't, so that was interesting.
I didn't know how he'd react to me turning up at his house after all this time, especially since he hasn't answered his phone to me since last October! He was very nice to me in fact, just goes to show how weird men are.
There, that's enough of my personal life, enjoy the two quiz's, and sign my shoutout box if you have anything to say.
Also just noticed the site is %4 more evil than last time I checked.


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Sammy said...

How DO you rate the 'evilness' of your site?