21 April 2005

My Knee Clicks painfully.

For a couple of weeks now my knee has been clicking painfully everytime I stand up , it doesn't hurt when I walk, only when I do anything that completely bends it then straightens it again. My doctor tells me it's swelling inside the joint, and I need to walk more. So it seems since I've been off work I've spent too much time at the geek box, thankfully it's summer now, so it's better weather for walking.
I'm just watching the news, and they are talking about violent crime, which has gone up. A woman pushing a pram was stabbed in the throat today in the middle of the street. We're having an election here at the moment, so it's being milked for all it's worth, it makes me sick. It also concerns me how violent people are becoming, people seem to be getting sicker in the things they are doing. I blame the binge drinking culture, and also the use of cocaine is increasing, both these things combined can make people dangerously volatile.
On a lighter note, I saw I had been invited to join another web ring today, please check out some of the other blogs in the ring, underneath where it says "Creme de la creme" in my side bar, just click next. I'm off now to check it out, bye!


turboslut said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the webring.

My blog is The Mad Ramblings of T.S. Ellis.

I look forward to reading your blog.

T x

turboslut said...

I hope your knee gets better soon.

I am off to look around for more blogs. It's not easy finding good ones, and i'm so fed up with looking at my monitor (I can feel a headache coming on).

Thanks for the webring mention :)

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Hi there...I just joined Creme de la Creme also and am checking out fellow members!