28 April 2005

I Nearly Ran For Election!

I phoned the Green Party for the Isle Of Wight this morning, and he told me there's no candidate this year for Ryde, an if I'd phoned him a few days earlier I could have stood!
Now that would have been crazy! I haven't posted much about my political leanings on this blog so far, I've decided to support the Green Party as I don't trust the Lib Dems, and I hate Conservatives and Labour!

They've offered me the job of party secretary for the Island, which I'll take. It will give me something to do, and I'll feel like I've done something worthwhile.

I also finally sorted out my sidebar, now everything but the random surrealism generator (which is at the bottom) should be in the sidebar.

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sapere aude said...

Hello from Guam, a tiny island in the Western Pacific. I don't care for Republicans, democrats, or any other political party whose members care only for their own self interests. But wait.. does such a party with good intentions exist? I enjoyed taking some of the quizes I found on your blog page. Take care!