27 April 2005

Good Day.

I've added a lot to the blog recently, a make poverty history band, my own weather pixie, and a random surrealism generator at the bottom. Indeed my side bar has got so cluttered, sometimes things appear at the bottom that should be in the side bar!
My knee is getting better, it's not clicking so badly, and we finally got a shed up in Vinnys garden for his motorbike. It's a 1963 Norton Jubilee, in pieces. He says he can put it back together again, but that remains to be seen.
I've been doing more writing recently, I want to write some dark stuff, like Edgar Allen Poe stories. By that I mean I like the them of a few of his short stories, and the poem "The Raven" about people unable to let go of the dead. These peoples stories never get resolved, they never do get over the loss, they just die or go even madder, then die.
I don't know why I like these kinds of stories so much, probably because they are not conforming to a formula, there's no happy ending. It wouldn't be too hard to create these sort of characters in a modern setting, I've been trying to think up some appropriate scenario's and characters. It makes me think of how today's society would deal with these sort of people, and whether they'd be allowed to just quietly go mad, or would social services try and intervene? There's a great short story in there somewhere, a social worker going to visit Roderick Usher in 21st century London. I'd better go and write it before some blighter plagerises it!

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turboslut said...

Glad to hear your knee is getting better.

I was worried to see that I have 75% homicidal insanity, and I use a chain gun to kill the homeless.

The random surrealism generator won't fit in your side bar because it's too big. You need to alter the size or appearance.