12 March 2005

Traffic Exchanges And Poinsettia's.

Here I sit drinking coffee and smoking, marveling at my new found blog traffic, so I thought I'd make a few references in my posts about the traffic exchanges I'm using.

The first one is a new blog friendly one, she's randomly giving away pro memberships too, which give you a 1:1 ratio, I got one! It's called "Traffic Axiom" sign up

There's quite a few blogs appearing, well worth joining.

It's a nice sunny day here on the Isle Of Wight, I should be outside, not in here fussing over my blog, but I'm obsessed now.

I have a houseplant I've had for years, I cut it back hoping to make it bushier, but I think I've killed it. I hope not, it was poinsettia, it had red leaves when I got it, but has never grown them again. I'm told they're really hard plants to keep alive, and I managed it for years, but now I've killed it! Just my luck.

I've surrounded it with crystals, as I read in a book about this helping plants, it's not lost all its green, but the new leaves it had have all died, I'm hoping it will start to put some new leaves out, it seems to still be drinking, and it is only march, so everyone send positive vibes to my ailing house plant!

Found an article on poinsettia's apparently cutting it back is O.K, and I should repot it, there's a mission for me. God my lifes exciting, *sigh*

Be sure to check out the womens blogs advertised under my google ads, all good stuff. And ladies be sure to add your blogs if you haven't already.

If anyone can tell me what html I have to change to get rid of that annoying line under my profile, please leave a comment telling me how. It's starting to drive me round the bend!

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