12 March 2005

Stoned Again.

I've been smoking weed all day and reading other peoples blogs for inspiration, the variety of reasons for starting blogs amazed me. Religion and politics seem to be popular ones, I'm surprised there aren't more writers, though I've seen a few. Really we're all writers that's what were doing here.

There have been a few changes, there's a counter I added earlier this afternoon, on seventy as I type, which doesn't log my visits. I also had the site analyzed for evil and good content. You'll be happy to know its more good than evil, upon repeating the process, I've found it to be less evil and more good than before, and my message board is more evil than it was before. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the boxes under my profile, there's a site that tells you how evil and good your site is from analyzing the words, fascinating. I will continue to repeat the process as my blog grows. I've messed about with order of things in my sidebar again too, I just stop fiddling now I've started, it's addictive. I will eventually work out how to make my template, but for now I'm happy with the current one, nice and dark.

Now for a rant on current events in Britain, I saw a story on the news today, school bullies got a boy who had a water phobia so bad he wouldn't even wash his face, and who couldn't swim, and threw him in a river, where he drowned. A year later his killers got less a year each, this disgusted, me in a society where were supposed to trying to stamp out bullying surely that's not a big enough sentence for such a cruel murder? In Britain at the moment there is a huge public campaign going on, I couldn't believe it when I heard, what is the world coming too? It certainly sends out the wrong message, I hope the victims family appeal, his father spoke on the news tonight, he was devastated naturally, what consolation is that for his family?

Well, its nearly 3am time to go to bed I think, thanks for reading my blog I hope you are all enjoying the changes, goodnight.

Before I go just noticed the google ad box is showing an advert saying "Do You like Chick Lit?" grrr! (See post on Chick Lit)

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