13 March 2005

The Jane Network, women a new way to advertise your Blog!

Another way I'm getting traffic is using "The Jane Network", it's completely free to join you get a thousand bonus credits when you join. Then you simply put some HTML code in your sidebar, you then display ad for other women's Blogs on your Blog, like under my google ads, and an ad for your Blog is displayed on other women's Blogs. (How many times can you reasonably use the word "Blog" in one sentence before it drives you mad?).

every time an ad on your Blog is clicked you earn credits, which gets your ads displayed, you can advertise up to 3 blogs. If you join and mention them in a post they're giving away thousands of free credits. Sign up through the link in my side bar where it says "ad your blog ad".

They also have a new sister site "Blogs By women", its also free to join, the clue is in the title, it's a directory of blogs by women, don't forget to ad your link there too, there's a link at the bottom of the "Jane Network" page.

I've really enjoyed the blogs advertised so far, other women's rantings make me feel like less of a lunatic myself! This network will grow fast I'm sure, women have been expert in building networks since time immemorial! I'm just sorry the boys can't join, but don't worry lads, I'm sure there's plenty of other networks for you to join.

Join up now girls!

1 comment:

Sou said...

O! yes, it's a gr8 network, personally, i joined up a couple of days ago! it's fabulous! I'm glad you're enjoying it, WOMEN OF THE WORLD,UNITE!! ;)

Ta ta for now :D