13 March 2005

Busy Day.

Had an unusually active day, went out as soon as we got up, and did 2 loads of washing down Vinnys, and even made a roast dinner. Haven't done that for a while, it wasn't easy, Vinnys Kitchen is tiny, and there isn't even one clear surface, the only work surface is filled by the microwave. You have to serve food using the draining board and top of the refrigerator, and like all men who live without a woman he has no tools like roasting tins or potatoe peelers. I did the veg with a lethally big knife, and there was of course no collinder (to drain vegetables, don't know what you'd call it in America) so I did that the dangerous way, risking scalds. The things we do for love.

I've also turned an old abandoned blog I made ages ago into a showcase for my doll collection, I'm going to keep adding to it, you can find it through my profile, have a look if you are interested.

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