8 March 2005

Dark moods.

I was having a good day, but something bought on a fit of depression this evening, I'm frustrated about things I can't control, and the harder I try the worse I make the situation. I didn't believe in love at first sight, I always believed love was something that happened slowly. But here I am in love with a man I only shared 3 nights with. It's not getting any easier to forget about him either, even having another boyfriend hasn't made me forget, though it's helping I'm sure. If I didn't have someone this would have driven me to distraction. I tried to text him tonight from the O2 site, but it isn't working, just my luck, probably a good thing. The complete lack of any communication from him suggests he doesn't feel the same, every time a phone him and he doesn't answer I feel like a fool.
I wouldn't give him the chances I have if it weren't for his past and the situations at the time we met each other, but it's a while since then, I think we should talk, and I'm not going to rest until I get response from him.

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