10 March 2005

Chick Lit, who wants to be like Bridget Jones?

I've had a good day, I cooked dinner Vinny (my boyfriend) and his friend Geoff, now they've gone out again, leaving me time to work on my blog.

I've been reading through a book club magazine I subscribe to, and was astonished by the amount of "Chick Lit" there is available now, a new genre, it's one that bores me. Though there are some funny ones out there. So many female writers are producing this stuff now, and the cover illustrations all seem to be by the same artist! And they're always about 30 something insecure women who need a man to justify there existence, a million spin offs of Bridget Jones. Bridget Jones was funn, until it got so over done, and made into a movie, and turned into some kind of wierd backward social revolution for women. All I can say is if I'm anything like Bridget Jones when I'm her age, please shoot me.

I'm here trying to develop a writing style for myself, determined not to write a book about a single woman looking for love, or unhappy in love, or unsure about love, and all I can ever write about is the emotionally crippled men I'm not supposed to love because I've got a boyfriend! My life is a chick lit novel, what can you do? I can see why it's so tempting for writers to go for this genre, but isn't it a cop out? Shouldn't we try something else before we all become neurotic self help book addicts? Scientific studies have shown women who are single always try to justify it when telling other people for the first time, ie. "I'm single now, but I've had loads of boyfriends!" This disturbed me, we actually feel need to justify it, like it suggests there's something wrong with us.

We need to create some fictional heoines who are happy to be single, lets face it many of us are, I was for years before I met Vinny, but I never justified it to other people, I hadn't found the right guy. I wasn't going to go out with anyone who looked at me just to justify my existence! Jesus! what are we doing to ourselves?

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