9 February 2005

Another day

Didn't post yesterday as had problems connecting to the internet last night, my phone might get cut off any time now, as my bank account has gone so overdrawn the payment for the phone bill will get declined.
Shouldn't be long before I'm back online again though, don't know how I'll live without the internet again. It's a nightmare when I can't get online, scary how dependent you become on the internet . I'm having a really difficult time at the moment, so things like my Blog and the message board are really important to me. I'll have to get back into writing with a pen, in a note book! It'll probably do me good. I went out today, which is a good thing, I haven't been going out a lot.
I need to spend more time on my patchwork, and writing, these are the things that can really make me money. I'll have to look for details of textile degree's, you can get a degree in Patchwork! That would be something worth doing, and I'd learn how to design my own quilts, which would be great, I could make fancy ones, the kind I could sell for thousands.

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Marcelino Head said...

Quite agreed.