27 September 2004


Why do I do it? trying to get Christian to contact me is like beating my head against a brick wall. I have to be strong and just forget him, I can do it, I've done it before.
I saw him on Tuesday, he leant me a CD, and played me music, and he sang to me, and we sang together a bit. It was nice, I rang him the other night and he spoke to me, seemed fine. Then yesterday I texted him asking if we could meet up, no response whatsoever. Ignorant bastard! When I saw him he said he wanted to cool it, I was fine with that, I just wanted to talk to him. I've just found out some other head fucking information you see. He's the bloke Carol Anne went out with after her a Nick split up! Just to make things a million times more complicated. He doesn't know I know this, and I don't know whether its a good idea to tell him or not. At the moment he doesn't seem to want to know me.

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