1 December 2006

The Dangers Of Tea Light Candles

The other day I was listening to Radio 2 and there was a show about what a fire hazard Tea Light candles are, I was quite shocked to hear how lethal they actually are. If not in the right kind of holder they can set fire to the surface below them, and apparently some holders are not sufficient to protect the surface below from catching fire. The fire service are trying to have better warnings printed on the boxes they come in or get them banned altogether.

Being a Wiccan I do quite a lot of candle magic and find tea lights convenient and useful as they come in a variety of colours and burn for a short time. I always new to put them on a suitable plate or in a holder but apparently some holders do not protect you adequately anyway, and some people think the tin tray the wax is contained in is safe to leave the candle in. The post title is a link to a web page telling more about the dangers and showing pictures of what can happen if you just leave a tea light on top of the television without a holder. I've posted the last one but it shows them in sequence on the other web site, there's also a film you can download watch at the bottom of the page linked too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you forsharing that. There are still far too many accidents with candles.

o said...

I love candles and love burning them. I know the dangers with candles and wonder why people don't show proper care when burning them!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the dangers of candles. I found some great candle safety tips on Kathy Ireland.com great site lots of information.
be safe

Mama Kelly said...

what a frightening visual ...

as a Wiccan myself candles and incense are a part of daily life and, as such, it is all too easy to forget how dangerous they can be if you don't take the proper precautions

congratulations as well on having your own front door which i read above

mama kelly
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