6 October 2005

Pagan Books - "Book Of spells" Review

I recently bought this book and was impressed with it as many pagan books about Wicca are mainly irrelevant, but this tells you everything you need to know if you have an interest in wicca and paganism.

The author is a white witch is well known in Scotland as a Psychic and numerologist, and is resident astrologer for the "Sunday Post".

It is a wisely written witches spell book and everything is thoughtfully well laid out, making the book very easy to use. It is good for anyone looking for information on how to become a witch.

She gives the subject a new and modern edge without losing the tradition and doesn't try to impose her own idea's about how to worship on you, as Wicca is not an organised religion, and as witches and pagans will know, you worship how you or your coven chooses. She makes a point of saying this, as some authors of books about Wicca don't, I liked this and would recommend this book to anyone looking to start out as a practicing Wiccan, or anyone interested in learning more about pagan faiths and practices.

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Jackson B said...



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Sorry for the unsolicited link but you have mentioned how you're a frustrated writer and all.

Keep it unreal!

LuAnnBB said...

Looks interesting..and wow, the price is excellent! The first book anyone recommended to me on Wicca was "Drawing Down the Moon". At the time I had never heard of it, and went around a New Year's Eve party asking everyone "Have you ever heard of Wicca?" (Now I now there was at least one person there who was...um, undercover, so to speak.)

Jackson B said...

Oh and I just want to clear up - I wasn't mocking magic. I was making a bad pun by saying that your post was 'magic.'
Sorry if it came across wrong!