19 May 2012

Been Making Chutney and Pickled Shallots.

I've recently been receiving large amounts of vegetables that are nearly past their best and have been busy making Chutney. It's a great way to preserve vegetables and a very tasty and versatile thing to have around if you like cheese and sandwiches, and it can be served as accompaniment to all kinds of meat and other meals. Jars of  homemade chutney make great gifts too if you decorate the jars

This time I used cabbage as the main ingredient, here it is in the pan when it had finally reached the right consistency to be put in Jars.

Here is the finished chutney in the jars, it will be ready in about 2 months.

I've also had 2lbs of Shallots given to me which I have now pickled, here they are soaking in the brine for 24 hours after I peeled them. It took ages to peel all the tiny little buggers, but will be worth it when they are done in a couple of months time.

And here they are in their jars, just hope the ones floating on top stay covered in vinegar,should have packed them in tighter.

If you've ever wondered how to make chutney click the rainbow squid below to see my complete guide to making chutney and other pickles.

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