23 April 2012

Let's Stand Together. By Paula Peters.

We are hated in the media, by David Cameron too,
He loves the D.W.P. and what Atos puts us through
They do not see the constant daily illness fights,
Yet, I still stand up for what I beleive to be right.

They do not see the dark thoughts that really dwell
They think nothing's wrong with us, that we're really well,
They do not see the battle from morning through to night,
Well, we need to hit back at them, we need now to fight.

They do not see the battles raging in my head
Or the constant daily battle just to get out of my bed,
The hospital I've stayed in, wanting to die,
I see those media stories and I cry why, why, why.

For R.A. I have, yes, it's really true,
To all my fellow disability campaigners I am standing with you
For now is the time to fight, that we won't go away,
The time for this is now, the time is now today

We are uniting, we are fighting back,
We are standing together, campaigning, rallying, a fact
We are not going to lie down and we won't go away
We are fighting back, and we will have our say.

They do not want our disability stories to be told,
They want our groups to fizzle out and fold,
We are not going to lie down, we really won't you know,
They are going to hear from us, and will put on such a show

We are standing up and we will be heard,
They are thinking the media won't hear our stories,
That is really absurd
For we gathering, we won't be held down,
We will tell our stories of tears, fears and all of our frowns

They and their departments cover up truths with lies,
They and thier departments do not want to hear of benefit suicides
We are standing up and we are fighting back,
We will be a thorn in thier side, we will be their torture rack

They think they can hold us down
Sorry that's not so
They will hear our stories and voices
Our shouts of GO,GO,GO!

Let us raise our voices, let's raise them to a shout
Let them see us all together and they know what we're about
Let them hear our voices that we want them out
Do you hear us Mr Cameron? We want you out, out, out!

Do not get too comfortable behind that famous door
For we the disabled have had enough, we don't want you anymore
We are fighting back, we are calling time to the rot,
This is our referendum we will keep going to you stop

You should be afraid of everyone of us
We are standing up to you and making lots of fuss
The time has come to stand up to you and fight
For we will stand united, and we will be a sight.

Mr Cameron and crew there is something you need to get
You have blood on your hands they are wringing wet
So many stories of Atos mistakes
You should be scared of us, we're gunning for you mate.

There's something you've forgotten on your persecution trip
A huge loss of insight, a massive thoughtless slip
All of you in government and Atos doctors too
Are not immune from having disabilites it can happen to you,

When it does I willl look away
For then you will know our battles, our struggles every day
Our referendum is we will fight until you STOP
We want you and Atos out, you have had your lot

I will finish this and I have this to add,
Let's stand together, let's hit them hard right in their gonads!

Now is the time. Let us unite and fight. We fight until they stop.

Copyright Paula Peters.

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