23 February 2011

Help Libyans Before It's Too Late.

I've watched with horror as events in Libya unfolded over the past few days, it makes you feel so helpless to do anything to help. I have however found two actions you and I can take to put pressure on the governments of the world to do something.
This first link is from Amnesty International and you can send an email to ask William Hague to tighten UK arms controls. As it seems the weapons being used on peaceful protestors in Libya were made and supplied by a company in Leicetershire! Click here to find out more and send the email.
The second link is from Avaaz.org and is calling for the UN to stop the crackdown in Libya Click here to add your support.
It annoys me to think we invaded Kosovo and Iraq for less than what is going on Libya right now, it just goes to show that it wasn't about Human Rights abuse at all. If it were we would have invaded China and Libya years ago, Kosovo was just a rehersal for Iraq and Afghanistan, and they were just about Bush family vendetta's and oil.

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