9 September 2010

Proposed Housing Benefit Cuts Are Insane

I've tried to keep away from politics on this blog in the past few years, but recent events have shocked and appalled me so much I felt I had to post about it.

I've been on sickness benefit for a number of years and have been trying to get back into work in recent months, just being unemployed for so long makes it hard to get a job anyway, and when I started seriously looking for jobs I quickly realised there weren't a lot going. The local newspaper used to have pages of jobs, last week it had about a page and a half, and doing a job search on the job centres website yields few results. I also don't drive so any job I took would have to be in the same town or be well paid enough for me to afford to use public transport, this is making it even harder. With the wages what they are on the Island where I live I will probably end up having to work 16 hours and still claim housing and council tax benefit. But soon this won't be possible if the proposed cuts actually happen.

There is obviously going to be a catastrophe when it happens as even those who want jobs cannot get them as there are none. Just what the hell are we supposed to do when they cut our rent? They already don't pay all mine and arrears are building up as we speak, if the benefit falls any further I will get evicted it's as simple as that.

So now I'll just to have to pray I find a full time job that's well paid enough to cover my rent council tax and living expenses, fingers crossed...

And there's a group on facebook protesting about this that has a very small amount of members it's here if you'd like to join.


Anji said...

Talk about kicking a dog when he is down. The people up there who make the decisions just can't imagine what it would be like to be worried sick about getting through each day, let alone month. I hope that you manage to find a job soon that pays enough and makes use of your skills.

Nancyrowina said...

I know I don't know what they are thinking, so many people have become unemployed recently through no fault of their own. To cut the benefits now is just crazy, they need to be creating more jobs to get more people paying tax again.

Raven said...

Cuz of the poor economy, they are making cuts in public programs like crazy here, but they want to extend tax cuts for the disgustingly wealthy. Go figure.

Sharon Amber Damnable said...

it's didgustin! are you on Facebook?
I am here xx