23 March 2010

Finally Warm Enough To Plant Some Vegetables

The weather has finally improved enough for me to plant some seedlings outside, you can hardly see them in the picture as they are still so small, but I've planted Spinach Tomatoes and Little Gem Lettuce so far. I've also planted some marigolds around the tomatoes as they help to deter pests. I still have Broccoli and Cabbages to plant next month.
The bucket of weeds you can see is all the weeds I've had to clear off the plot I'm using, I want to grow organically so I'm not going to use weedkiller.
Luckily I got a new gardening book that explained what hoe is actually for ( I thought they were just for breaking up the soil) you can break the roots off weeds as you get them out, hopefully stopping them coming back too quickly.
I've joined goodreads.com and will be publishing more book reviews soon so keep reading :)

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