22 February 2010

Finally Planted Seeds For This Years Veg.

After the success I had last year with tomatoes and the success over the last couple of years with Chilli's, I decided I wanted to try growing a few more things this year. It's been so cold however I have waited until now to plant my seeds, and I am still having to use a heated propagator, I hope the weather gets better by the time the plants are big enough to go out.
If you like me are using a heated propagator don't make the same mistake I did last night and use non permanent pen to write your labels. When I woke up this morning most of them had blurred beyond readability. I should be able to work out what they say and rewrite them with a biro later, other wise I will be in a terrible muddle when the seedlings start to sprout as many of the seedlings will look quite similar.

This year I am growing "Tumbling Tom" and Gardeners Delight" tomatoes again as I got so many tomatoes last year from these two plants. I have also planted "F1 Bella Spinach" and "Little Gem Lettuce", I'm going to try growing the lettuce in my window box with a "Tumbling Tom" plant just to see how they do together. I've also planted "Christmas Drumhead Cabbage" and "Nine Star Perennial Broccoli" which is supposed to come back year after year and produce lots of heads.

I've also got some interesting new Chilli's that I'm growing for the first time this year, their names are a link to a site with pictures of them so you can see the unusual colours some of them are. I'm growing "Purple Tiger" which are purple (obviously), and "Black Pearl" which actually grow black before turning red and have lovely looking foliage. There's also "Numex Twilight" which grow pink purple orange and white! (not a great picture of the plant showing all it's different colours). And finally the better known (and bloody hot) "Scotch Bonnets" and I got a mixed bag so I should get a few different shades (the variety I have look like the yellow ones nearer the top of that page) .

I'll publish more pictures throughout the year as the plants grow, hopefully the Chilli's will go well and I'll have some good photo's of them.

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