1 February 2010

Book Review- The Covert War Against Rock By Robert Constantine.

Regular readers will be aware I quite recently wrote a series of posts about the death of Jimi Hendrix, it was during my research for these posts that I stumbled across an extract from this book The Covert War Against Rock and subsequently bought it. It has proved to be an Interesting read, it discusses the death of many other Rock and Rap stars dating from the 60's right up until the 90's including Jim Morrison Brian Jones, Peter Tosh and Tupac Shakur.

The book describes a secret operation by The CIA code named operation CHAOS, and claims and also provides some good evidence that this operation played a part in these peoples deaths.

The Operation was basically a list of names of people who were thought to be harmful to the government, or dangerously subversive and were being watched. If this is true then it's an amazing coincidence so many of the people on this list died in mysterious circumstances towards the end of the 60's.

The author from what I can ascertain is another of the crew that alleges The CIA uses Satanic cults and mind control to programme people to commit certain acts. A theory I find a little far fetched I must say. Though my knowledge of psychology tells me that "mind control" is indeed possible though highly unethical, I just don't know why these authors always have to ruin their claims by saying crazy stuff about Satanic rituals.
I also noticed a mistake in the chapter about Hendrix, he says Monica Danneman phoned “Eric Bridges” to inform him Jimi was ill. It's pretty well documented that it was “Eric Burdon” from the famous band “The Animals” she phoned. Only a slight mistake, but if he managed to get a famous persons name wrong how many more mistakes are there in this book?
There are however a lot of claims made that are chillingly believable, though in my opinion there isn't really enough evidence to back it all up. The quotes are mainly taken from the press and interviews with people published in the press (and we all no what bull the media is capable of peddling). The sources for the most disturbing pieces of information are usually anonymous so it's hard to see where he actually got his evidence from. But one could argue that if there really is a massive cover up going on and people are being killed then witnesses would want to talk anonymously!
This book is worth reading if you are interested in the lives and untimely deaths of Rock stars in the 60's, or CIA secrets and covert CIA operations from that period, or both! It is well written and where possible sources are given. It paints a very sad picture of what was actually going on in the 60's and raises a lot of questions about peoples untimely deaths. I hope one day books like this will help pressurise the authorities into actually finding out what really happened to guys like Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones. Who were after all not only Rock stars but just 27 year old men with bright futures who did not deserve to die in the violent ways books like this suggest they did.

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Andrea said...

I also have made this connection and it does seem either eerily coincidental or that something sinister was going on. There are many documentaries out there on the topic and I have watched some...very interesting and suspicious. But remember, it was in the 60's that one of America's best president's was assassinated. He too was young, vocal and outspoken in a good way that, it is said, some could not handle....his story is interesting too and kind of ties in with the other young, outspoken icons who also died violently and mysteriously!