19 October 2009

Brian Jones's Name Not On Sheet Music To "Ruby Tuesday"?

I recently bought the sheet music to the 1967 Stones Song "Ruby Tuesday", I've always liked it since I was a child and I'm learning to play "She's a Rainbow" so I thought I'd get the music to another Stones song I liked.
Now I had read Brian Jones wrote Ruby Tuesday, all of it, maybe he co-wrote it with Mick And Keith but you'd think his name would be on the sheet music right? as he played the recorder bit seen here and was the only one who played Woodwind instruments so he must have written that bit right? Apparently not because his name is NOWHERE on the sheet music, it just says "Words and music by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards".
I'm trying to work out if there was a legitimate reason for this, like when they kicked him out the band and paid him off were they buying the rights to his songs from him? I can't see him doing that as in interview he spoke very emphatically about being careful about what he signed. But by the end he was quite ill so maybe it would have been easier to hoodwink him into signing all his songs away.
I've emailed the guys at the Brian Jones Fan Club hoping they can shed some light on the matter, if not my dad knows Dick Taylor so I'll just go and ask him as he was in the Stones somewhere around that time. Update- No he wasn't he left in 1963 and started "The Pretty Things", he still might know something though, I can but ask.

Update 13/12/09- Just noticed the video of the Stones performing the song on youtube that I linked to above has been pulled "due to a terms of use violation" (Here is a link to the same video but with the original album recording instead of the actual sound track) could this mean the song is being looked into legally? As it's not a very popular or well known one as far as I'm aware, video's of better known ones like "Paint It Black" are still there and I bet the people who've uploaded them don't have the legal right to. I've known other songs to be pulled by Youtube when there's suddenly some kind of litigation going on regarding it so I hope so.

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