10 July 2009

16 year old Mexican beaten unconcious by Police because of his hir style

I received this email a couple of days ago from Amnesty bloggers:

Hello all,

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely had some interesting hairstyles in my time. Those who knew me a few years ago wouldn’t have been surprised to see me with a different hairstyle every other week. I’ve always taken for granted that I could express myself through my hair and never once thought I could be attacked for it.

But it seems as though that’s exactly what’s happened to a 16 year old student and graffiti artist in Mexico. Amnesty International has received reports that José Emiliano Nandayapa Gomez was beaten unconscious by police officers in Chiapas state in southern Mexico and was apparently accused of having a “subversive” hairstyle.

Three police officers are alleged to have kicked and punched 16-year-old Jose, stepped on his back, head and legs. They’re then reported to have said to him “what a lovely subversive haircut you have, here’s your revolution, get the weapons and the drugs out.” They went on to tell him, “if you keep on the same path, you won’t live to tell the tale.”

They then kicked him in the face and he lost consciousness.

Amnesty’s expressed concern about the news of this case. Perhaps more so because we know that just a few months ago a 16-year-old graffiti artist was shot and killed in another part of the same state – San Cristobal de las Casas.

Amnesty is urging its supporters to urge Mexican authorities to guarantee the safety of José and his family. You can click here for more information and to take action.

Thanks Amnesty bloggers

We’ll speak to you again next week.


I was shocked when read it though one thing they don't mention is was the kid doing graffiti when they attacked him? Not that it matters as a kick in the face is not an appropriate punishment in my opinion, but it would mean it wasn't just about his hair cut.
People are divided about Graffiti artists some people think that it's all just vandalism and others think it's amazing. Our own Banksy has been paid millions to go and do graffiti inside peoples houses, I notice they call him a "Street Artist" on his website too not "Graffiti". The bottom line is these guys aren't just scrawling "I was ere" then drawing a cock and 2 balls, they are creating something beautiful it's just whether they are doing it in the appropriate place or not.
If this was just over the kids hair cut then it's a terrible thing and the Police in Mexico need some training in human rights is all I can say, if you feel the same then click the link above and take action.

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