25 April 2009

Is It Worth Being A Member Of Social Spark?

I'm a member of nearly every paid blogging site there is out there all of them approved my blog with little fuss, but social spark have made it really difficult. Apparently it's because my blog isn't active enough you have to do at least at least 3 posts a week over 90 days.
I've been working really hard to improve my blog recently and sometimes there is the odd week where I may not post but that doesn't mean my blog doesn't get visitors, and hey I have a life sometimes I have better things to do than blog for a few days!
I just wanted to know if anyone else is a member and if it's any better than the other paid posting sites anyway? It looks very flashy and the hoops they make you jump through to get your blog approved suggest it should be, but is it really? Please leave a comment if you have any experience with this site.

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