7 March 2009

Neil Young To Headline IOW festival 2009.

They've announced the festival line up for this year and Neil Young will headline on the Sunday Night, Razorlight will be playing on Saturday night too it says and the stereophonics have been confirmed.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was Neil Young this year he is a legendary singer song writer and I like a lot of his work. In the "County Press" our local newspaper the organiser says he's been trying to book him every year since the festival began again, and this year he has finally got him. I hope I make it to see him as he's one of the acts I've always wanted to see live but haven't.
The festivals website this year is better too you can follow the festival on Twitter now and there's a mailing list to sign up to, click here to see it.
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tony said...

i saw him live in Sheffield a few years ago & he gave a Mighty performance .Catch Him If You Can!

mo_inoh said...

now will be a great show

Sharon Amber Damnable said...

Hi Nancy

Have linked with you