20 January 2009

Growing My Own Vegetables Again This Year

Sorry about the terrible lack of posts I promise to get back into posting regularly soon I've just got addicted to facebook applications recently and find little time for anything else.
With the credit crunch making us all need to tighten our purse strings it seems like a good idea to grow some of our own vegetables this year. Last year I grew Chilli's and they were very successful so I've decided to go for some different vegetables this year as well.
Tonight I've been looking on Ebay at what seeds are on offer. There are loads of variety's of chilli's on there I'm going to get some called Satan's kiss that sound great and are an unusual shape and some jalepeno's.
I've also seen some great tomato seeds you grow in hanging baskets that give loads of fruit and some really big pumpkins. I also liked the sound of the purple cauliflowers similar to the ones I saw Jamie Oliver cooking and purple carrots. So there should be lots more photo's of all the stages of growth similar to last year with the chilli's to come if all goes well.
I'm not sure I'll have room to grow all of those plants but I'm going to try anyway I can always give some plants away.

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tony said...

I,ve Never Grown Chillis.Is It Easy?
I,ve put a like to you on my main blog here