13 April 2008

My Sunday Blessing- My blog survived nearly being deleted.

Earlier this week I went through my blogs template and deleted a load of things as the blog was taking so long to load it was ridiculous. Imagine my horror when I loaded my blog and all that was showing up was my blog roll on a white background I thought I had deleted ALL the content. luckily when I replaced the template it all came back again, it would have been terrible to have had to start my entire blog all over again and to have lost everything on it. I still need to add a few things again like my bloglog widget but at least it's still here. I like it how it looks now in fact it's much cleaner and doesn't take about 30 seconds to load like it did. I must just remember not to clutter it up so badly this time with links and pictures, I have all my profiles on social networking sites to do that with now.


Paulie said...

WOW! That is definitely a blessing! I am happy for you. My blessing involves my beautiful day yesterday -- come and see.

CyberCelt said...

A fast-loading blog is a blessing indeed. I clean mine often, but I always seem to add things back. I hate when the sidebars are shorter than the content. Seems unbalanced, or maybe I am ... lol

Darwin (Wicca Warrior) said...

That is definitely a blessing to count! There have been countless horror stories and I've had a few close calls myself ... so I am VERY happy for you it came back :)