6 February 2008

HOW MUCH?! Pipex are really taking the micky with their "Early Termination" Fee!

I've mentioned before on here that I am poor as a church mouse and my Internet provider has been pipex for at least 3 years. It's a good service they are never down whenever I've needed customer support they've got it over with as quickly as possible and not tried to keep me on the phone longer than necessary etc.

But my phone bills average around 40 pounds a month even with the free land line calls which is a lot for me. Many of my friends are on Tiscali and get everything much cheaper including free calls to international locations including America. Obviously I'd like to switch but was aware there would be an early termination fee if I left Pipex, so I started looking for how much it would be. I started with the small print I received when I signed up all I found was this paragraph:

"6.2 You may terminate this contract in respect of the broad band service before the expiry of the minimum term, on condition that you pay to us the early termination fee as liquidated damages, which you acknowledge represents a genuine pre-estimate of the loss we will suffer as a result of your early termination. The Early termination fee and any other outstanding charges, will become immediately due and payable by you on receipt by us of your notice of termination."

Notice it doesn't say how much, I looked on their site it still doesn't say how much, so I did a Google search and finally found this, brace yourselves before you read it. Still there? Not suffered a coronary? good. Yes that's right 99 Quid! No wonder it's not on their website or in the terms you receive when you've just signed up.

And to add insult to injury I also read that Pipex is now owned by Tiscali, so to switch to another provider owned by the same company they would charge me 99 Quid! Looks like they've got me the proverbial's doesn't it? If anyone has found a way to get round this charge please let me know, and if you are thinking of signing up to Pipex and are on a low income DON'T, the monthly bills will cripple you and they practically want to take your first born if you transfer to a cheaper company, even one owned by them.

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Craig said...

What contract?

You state you have been with them for three years. I would guess that you 'signed' a twelve month contract at the start, and it has rolled on ever since?

Even if you switched package, they have no reasonable right to demand a cancellation fee, as they haven't had to outlay anything extra (such as a router or connection) which they may have done at the start.

Cancel your direct debit, telephone for a MAC code, and tell them to send you a bill for any monies owed. I believe that OFCOM have rules about companies who try to hold customers to ransom so they can't leave.