15 November 2007

Witches Weekly.

My friend R.E from "Sacred Space" introduced me to blog today that posts a weekly question for wiccan or witch craft bloggers to answer on their blogs. I think this is a fantastic idea as writing a blog about one subject as I do makes it challenging to come up with a quality post every day which results in posts where there is just a link or quiz. This weeks question is:

Why do you participate in Witches Weekly? Do you feel that it benefits your blog in any way? Do you feel others could benefit from participating in Witches Weekly?

I've already partly answered it Witches Weekly will help me to post more relevant content to my blogs topic regularly, and others with pagan blogs could benefit in the same way. It's also a good way meet other bloggers of a similar mind set who's blogs you can read and who will read your blog , so it's a good thing all round really I think.

Please remember to click the "pagan 100" and purple "pagan blogs" buttons in the site support section to vote for my blog if you have time too, thank you.


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